2009 Tax Revolt was a blast!

I am even in one of these pictures!  Can you find me….?

Check below in the blogroll! Great fun.





Very BIG happenings in Fullerton, CA, on March 7, 2009.  As you can see by the flyer John and Ken, two absolutely “right on” Talk Radio Hosts are coming to Downtown Fullerton to lead their first California Tax Revolt event.  And we are excited!!   Make it to the Slidebar Cafe, 124 E. Commonwealth Ave, in Fullerton, the event starts at 3 p.m and will be broadcast live on KFI640.

Hey, come early, look around and shop Downtown Fullerton.  What you will find there are lots of small, single and family owned businesses and restaurants all in danger of being wiped off the map by our own government.

In fact right accross the street from the Slidebar are RK Designs and Carpe Diem where my own jewelry line, JanisLogsdon Jewelry and Art, is for sale.  Stop in and look around the shops, they are just fun.  AND, if you bring in a teabag I will give you a 10% discount on any of my jewelry pieces you purchase.

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SOLD!! on jansbeads.etsy.com

My fav cubist bracelet as seen below has SOLD, the piece has gone on to a happy home and a loving owner.  I am so proud.

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Cubist Skull Bracelet

My fav bracelet for all time!  You can make it yours!!

My fav bracelet for all time! You can make it yours!!

This is just not my fav jewelry piece for the day or week.  It is my fav jewelry piece all of the time.  This unique bracelet mirrors the  famous Cublist style of painting with each skull or flower looking like it is sitting alone in it’s own little cube space.  Check it out on jansbeads.etsy.com.  The bracelet comes in many colors and types of beads.  LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK OF IT.

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As I head out to a holiday party at a new boutique, RK Designs, in Fullerton, I think how fun it is to shop OUT of the mall.  Please if you still need those special gifts think small, local stores and boutiques.  Places where you can get the kinds of  gifts that not everyone in the world can and  will buy.

For the holiday season and beyond, also, think, ETSY.COM.  Here is a place where you can buy hand made and one-of-a-kind items of all kinds from all over the world!

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Picasso Man and Woman

Picasso ManCheck out Picasso Man and Woman FEATURED ARTIST (Nov. 22, 2008) blog at BEADERS SHOWCASE beadersshowcase.com

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RK Designs A Bohemian Manifesto

RK Designs where bohemian sophistication is celebrated

RK Designs where bohemian sophistication is celebrated

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Check out my Slide Show!


Take a look at all of the unique and one-of-a-kind jewelry in my shop at jansbeads.etsy.com – click on link to the right under jewelry!

Every piece is a hand crafted and just waiting for you to wear and enjoy!

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